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Prices to suit all budgets and wishes

All the services you need for a beautiful funeral day, all under one roof.

Over the 14 years that we have now been in business we have become renowned for producing beautiful funerals. Many of our funerals are bespoke, with each detail being designed with the client for their perfect day. We cater not only for those who wish to give their loved one a fabulous send off here in the UK, but are specialist in Afro Caribbean & European repatriations.


We have now created a range of special packages that keep the beauty and quality that we have become known for, but offering a range of products and services to suit all budgets as we appreciate that one size does not fit all. We never forget that your Love2Remember deserves a funeral service that suits both them and you.

Have a look through our newly formed packages - many offer substitutions - and then give our team a call and let us show you why we are one of the highest rated funeral services in London.

We look forward to working with you to plan your special day.



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Non Attendance Cremation Service

From £1299 Fully Inclusive

This service is designed for those who may just want a very simple affair for their loved one. The choice of crematorium, day and hour will be decided by Personal Touch Funerals, but we will if required take a photo of the hearse with your loved one once it arrives at the crematorium. 

Price includes: * Crematorium Fees, *Collection and care of your loved one  (additional for out of hours) * Preparation in simple cotton gown * Simple coffin

* Additional for Drs Fees where applicable

* Traditional Hearse,* Funeral personnel for the day * Handling of all paperwork.

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Standard Cremation Package

£2445.00 Plus Disbursements

Our Simple Cremation Choice allows family and friends to attend the service at a location and time that suits you. Collection and full care and attention of your loved one come as standard as with any of our services. Further included is a Traditional Hearse, standard coffin choice and 25 funeral programs. Your loved one will meet you at the crematorium for the service, Crematorium fees not included.

Price includes:  *Collection and care of your loved one up to 12 days (additional for out of hours and longer length )* Preparation in simple cotton gown or own clothing supplied. * Choice of 3 coffins * 25 copies of 4 page funeral program  * Traditional Hearse,* *Funeral Director and 4 Professional Bearers for the day * Handling of all paperwork.


Premium Cremation Package

£3365.00 Plus Disbursements

This is our most popular cremation service, putting our clients fully in control of their day for their loved one. Cremation date, place and time are chosen by you, and together we work towards creating a day to be proud of filled with 'personal touches' to ensure it is a day to remember.


The Service prior can either be conducted at the crematorium or at a church of your choosing.  Your loved one and limousine will meet you at an address of your choosing (within 15 miles of the office) and then continue on to their destination for the service to be held.


We have a wide range of services that we can offer to make your day as unique as your Love2Remember.


Price includes:  *Collection and care of your loved one for up to 17 days  (additional for out of hours and longer durations )* Dressing in own clothing supplied. * Quality Veneer Coffin from Choice of 8 *3ft Premium Casket Spray *Up to 50 copies of 8 page bespoke funeral program from wide choice * 50 bespoke Bookmarks.* E-announcement Card  *Traditional Hearse, *Matching Traditional 6 Seater Limousine *Funeral Director and 4 Professional Bearers for the day * Handling of all paperwork. 

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Unattended Burial Service

£1489 Fully Inclusive

A simple burial service that has little fuss but is still planned with care and dignity in mind. A very simple affair for a loved one. This can be for a new grave or the re-opening of one that currently exists with the owner's permission. We will collect and look after your loved one including dressing them in a simple gown and supplying a simple classic coffin. On the day of the funeral they will be taken straight to the grave for the burial, a picture of them in the hearse can be taken. Payment for the cemetery not included.

Price includes: *Collection and care of your loved one (up to 10 days, longer duration extra and within office hours) * Preparation in simple cotton gown * Simple Classic coffin * Traditional Hearse, *Funeral personnel for the day * Handling of all paperwork.



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Traditional Burial Package

£3675.00 Plus Disbursements


Our Traditional Burial service gives you all the main components needed for your funeral without compromising the beauty of the day, and allows you to choose the added 'personal touches' that you would like for the day. Clients can add floral packages or funeral stationery packages that have been specially designed to compliment this option. The package comprises of most of the essential services including, traditional Hearse  and matching 6 seater Limousine and 4.6" Grave Cross, as well as all the services of our quality funeral directors available to work closely with you to ensure that you achieve all your plans. Coffin, Cemetery, Church and additional 'personal touches' are not included in the price, but all the necessary services  are available and special help in sourcing and liaising with required services are available from the Personal Touch team. Once prepared with all floral tributes, the hearse will meet family at either a private address for the onward journey to the funeral service or can leave from our offices or it will meet all family and guests directly at the church or chapel; the choice is yours.

Price includes:  *Collection and care of your loved one (for up to 15 days, additional for longer durations and out of hours collections) * Preparation and dressing in either own clothes or the supply of a crisp white gown  included * Choice of 6 coffins *4ft Grave Cross *Traditional Hearse

* Traditional 6 Seater Limousine (6 hour duration, additional costs if longer) *Funeral Director and 4 Professional Bearers for the day * Handling of all paperwork.


Premium Burial Package

£4299.00 Plus Disbursements

Our Premium Burial Service is what we have built our name on for the last 14 years that we have been assisting families to plan very beautiful funerals, and is the reason that we are one of the highest rated funeral directors on Google and Yell in London, and one of the premier funeral arrangers of Afro-Caribbean funerals.

Our bespoke service starts at £4299.00 and incorporates our first class service of looking after you and your family from start to finish. We handle all the liaising with your third party services, and will source those that we do not have immediately to hand to work towards delivering the seamless day that you have in mind. We create colour schemes and themes and have a wealth of 'Personal Touches' in our large services range; which can all be booked under one roof. When you see a Personal Touch Funeral, you know it's our work. 


Having experienced loss first hand, we fully understand how important this day is to you and your family, and we work tirelessly until we deliver. your every wish whether for a funeral in the Uk or abroad.

Price includes: *Collection and care of your loved one for17 days (additional for out of hours and longer durations) *Choice of 16 quality coffins included or for an additional cost choose one from one of the widest choice of coffins and caskets as well as our bespoke range created by The Personal Touch Team * 50 copies of an 8 Page Bespoke Funeral program  * 50 copies Gloss laminated Bookmarks *Bespoke E- announcement card * A1 Bespoke Easel Picture *4ft Luxury Casket Spray. * Premium Floral letters (3 included in price plan) *Traditional Black Hearse or Horse & Carriage (additional cost) *Matching 6 Seater Black Limousine with you for the day ( 6 hours, additional costs apply for longer) *Funeral Director * Four Professional Pallbearers *Handling of all paperwork. 

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