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We are London's first and only one-stop-shop Funeral Arranging Service.

We specialise in helping reduce the stress and confusion, both for those who have suffered a recent bereavement as well as helping those who wish to make forward funeral arrangements for their own special day.

Working closely together, we will advise, plan and arrange all your funeral wishes and ensure the day will be a beautiful one.

We will ensure that your day pays special tribute and honours the memory of your loved one, no matter what your budget.

We thought your service was just too good to be true. A heartfelt thank you for your fabulous organisation of our father's funeral - R. Edebiri, April 2013. 

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Funeral Spray

This popular choice is a teardrop design that can be sent to the funeral by family members and friends and is the single ended design.

Tied Sheaf

The sheaf is a classic tied bouquet, again a popular choice made by both family and friends. It is a more natural looking bouquet and is one step up from cut flowers in cellophane.

Coffin and Casket Sprays

 Casket sprays are diamond shape, and are usually selected by the close family or the person arranging the funeral. They can be a formal or contemporary design using exotic lower selections such as Bird of Paradise for a beautiful and dramatic effect.


This traditional circular design is a popular choice and is perfect for both family and friends because their shape expresses the continuation of life. These can be sent in traditional style and colours, but there is now also a wide selection of styles and designs available utilising a profusion of colour, flowers and foliage.

Posies - round

A round shaped design, popular as they show off the flower arrangements and colour from every angle.

Posies – Heart Shaped

A heart wreath is a true symbol and expression of your thoughts and love. Often sent from close family and friends it makes a very personal statement.

Pillows, Cushions and Horseshoes

These can be made using a tight weave of delicate flowers usually in the same colour and with a contrasting splash of colour, or can be a more 'open’ design using larger flowers and of the colours of your choosing.

Letters – Open or Massed

These are very popular for spelling names and titles i.e. 'Mum’, 'Dad’ 'Gran’, 'Wife’. Usually purchased by the letter, these again can be either a tight 'massed’ version of flowers or the more versatile ‘open’ floral tribute.


Crosses can be a mixture of flowers and colours, or in one main colour with a complimentary floral placement. They are also often used as an alternative to a coffin or casket wreath, and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all budgets.

Special Tributes

 Our florists will work with you to create and tailor any designs that you would like. Here is a small selection of some of the more popular requests. There are beautiful designs also available especially for children.


  • Football Shirt
  • Rugby Ball
  • Motor cars
  • Gates of Heaven
  • Pedestal arrangement
  • Altar Arrangement
  • Anchor
  • Harp
  • Teddy bear
  • Butterfly
  • Stars
  • Double kisses




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