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We are London's first and only one-stop-shop Funeral Arranging Service.

We specialise in helping reduce the stress and confusion, both for those who have suffered a recent bereavement as well as helping those who wish to make forward funeral arrangements for their own special day.

Working closely together, we will advise, plan and arrange all your funeral wishes and ensure the day will be a beautiful one.

We will ensure that your day pays special tribute and honours the memory of your loved one, no matter what your budget.

We thought your service was just too good to be true. A heartfelt thank you for your fabulous organisation of our father's funeral - R. Edebiri, April 2013. 

Born out of experience - Our Story

By Pauline Miller

Mum’s Dementia had been developing slowly and then suddenly it was upon us with many symptoms. After a series of falls she was admitted to hospital and like many she looked for a period of time to be progressing and then she had another fall from which she went into a coma and never recovered.

We were told that the likely hood was that she would not recover, but we didn’t want to begin looking at funeral arrangements. Quite simply we were scared and really had no idea where to begin.

On her passing we visited 2-3 funeral directors believing that they held all the answers and would organise everything for us. But panic really began to rise when we a) saw the haphazard and cavalier attitude that some took, and b) realised that they only looked after an area of the funeral arrangements and that we would be left to find all the other services ourselves, not quite knowing what they were or where to find them.

It was like being in the Amazing Race with no directions and a time span of 2 weeks to not only find, but also arrange everything needed.

All this on top of trying to comfort an aging father who was distraught with grief, and also rising panic at the cost of everything; definitely at the top of my worst life experiences.

Whilst stumbling along I would get really angry, and would question why in this day and age was there not a company who could advise, help with the plans and if necessary arrange the services for us so that we could get on with looking after family affairs and preparing for the day of the funeral, which was daunting.

I had a brief look and found nothing.

Here to help you.

Once we had completed the funeral arrangements, I started looking in greater depth to see if such a company existed. I felt sure that it was there, I just wasn’t looking properly.

I mean there were literally in London 000’s of Wedding Planners, surely there had to be a few funeral planners.

But I came up with nothing. A Funeral Arranger, who would offer a start-to-finish funeral planning service did not exist.

My background for the last 20 years has been a management consultant, helping companies carve systems and structures. I was so angry that this type of service didn’t exist, and I felt that it would not be vastly difficult to form.

So I put that hat on and explored if such a company were to exist, what would be the requirements and the company structure. After completing the exercise, I was so taken aback by the simplicity, logic, and pure necessity of the business idea and module, and I loved the idea.

So 3 months after Mum’s death, I launched the company, and in November 2010, Personal Touch Funeral Planning Services was born. My father thought it was a great idea and fully supported it, telling all his friends at his Senior citizens club. Daddy passed away in June 2012.

'Out of bad, comes good'

One of my mother’s favourite sayings was ‘Out of bad comes good’.

Here at The Personal Touch we are dedicated to helping make this difficult period easier for others.

We look forward to working with you, to organise a fitting tribute fully reflecting the unique life of your loved one.








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