The Love2Remember 2015 Calendar - The Perfect Xmas Gift

Our unique bespoke personalised calendars capture and celebrate the lives of loved ones both past and present.

Printed on the highest quality paper, they are available in a choice of 7 designs, and make a timeless and precious gift for all family and friends.

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‘To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die’ 

Funeral Order of Service & Stationery

Over 40 different designs to choose from.

All with matching Bookmarks, Thank you and Announcement Cards to add that personal touch to your funeral plans. 

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‘For every time you think of me, I'm right there in your heart’ 

Zac Olumegbon

 Oluwatobi – meaning “God is Great”


Zac, or “Tobi” as he as affectionately known to his family members was born at 8.30am at St Thomas’s Hospital on the 20th of October, weighing in at a healthy 6lbs, 11ozs. The youngest of eight children, when he was born he was diagnosed with sickle cell, and doctors said he was several years behind what they said his growth should have been. However this did not stop Zac, who grew into a really outgoing, confident, and a bubbly character.


“Because he was so small, I think he felt he had to be a bit louder that’s why he was so outgoing”

– Tayo (Sister)


He attended St Bernadette’s Primary school, and his favourite subject was soon discovered to be Maths, but his key hobbies were football and acting, and as a child he had a passion for Weetabix. He was incredibly close to his brothers and sisters who all looked out for him, although to see Zac apart from his small stature it would not have been known that he had an illness, and was a fabulous uncle to his 8 nieces and nephews.


Zac enjoyed football as a hobby and was also a Liverpool fan with his favourite footballer being the legend Steven Gerrard. He was a keen sportsman and competed in the London Youth Games in 2005 and reached the qualifying rounds, gaining awards for his great football playing and partaking in the National Cycle to raise money for a sustainable future


Zac was a kind, talented generous boy who lived life to the full, and did not let anything hold him back. 


“He was more confident than me, he could speak in front a group of people without getting nervous”.

- Debo (Brother)


This strength of character was shown when he spoke at a conference organized to speak out against crime.


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